Decades ago, sending and receiving paper greeting cards was meaningful. Now, although Americans still Individually, send 25 to 30 cards a year, it has more or less lost the elements of surprise, delight and uniqueness.  You and the people you care to express your thoughts and feelings to, deserve a better choice.  A special choice. A unique choice.  

E-cards, while more convenient, further impacted the joy of receiving a greeting card. They aren’t unexpected and you can tell how little effort went into each one. Often, they’re simply lost in the clutter of our computer screens and inboxes.

On paper or via email, today’s greeting cards are mass-produced, impersonal and has not kept up with unique individual needs and desires. The Greeting card brands are built on the idea that you could share a special experience, yet the whole concept has been reduced to Not Being Special because so many people have that same exact cart. How is that SPECIAL?

Digital cards don’t feel personal and certainly aren’t unexpected. Birthdays, the most popular greeting card occasion, are acknowledged more than ever thanks to Facebook, but even that is still not personal, still not unexpected and still duplicated. Traditional paper cards are tangible, but still lack the elements of surprise and personalization. The industry has become stale, as the great innovations rolled out by the major players have really just meant the digitization of old methods and messages.

You want your message to truly be personal and special but how can it be if it’s the same message being printed 100,000 times or more?  We offer a service that goes far and beyond a message on a card.  Doesn’t anyone that you would take the time out of your day for to search for that special card to select, then express your feelings on and spend money for, deserve more than just a card that’s been duplicated many times over and also given to so many others.  Don’t they deserve more than that? 

This is where we have the opportunity to make your message, your gift, your keepsake, not just personal but also something unexpected, pleasantly surprising, unique and truly customized for the special person in your life, only.  Whose content will not be duplicated?  Just like a fingerprint.  Audication Creations Inc. is our vehicle to not only impact YOU, our customer, in a positive and rewarding way but also the people in your life at the same time.   Ultimately, that’s what really matters. We’ve seen and experienced a whole lot of things in the world, but we at Audication Creations really haven’t seen anything that causes the same delight, joy and customized care as what we can create for you and those in your life. 

Whatever Occasion or Reason Your Mind Can Conceive