Our goal is to, time and time again, provide you with a product that is truly Creative, Unique, and Individualized. We strive to accomplish this by first paying close attention to the information you provide to us on our questionnaire, get clarity from you on anything that we may not understand within your answers, and then apply our Talents, Skills and Creativity to produce the Customized, One Of a Kind, Gift/Keepsake.

We place the focus on your desired end results that we established from the information you provide. Your satisfaction and that of your recipient is of main importance. This is not for the satisfaction of onlookers, because the individualized nature of something so special and customized, is about the recipient’s Joy, Happiness and Pleasure that was brought about by this expression of how important they are to you, by having gave them something that is geared to them specifically, that no one else has. Just like a fingerprint. We partner up with you towards that desired result.

Our talented and creative staff excels in this Audication Creations Inc. process. Whether you choose our Silver, Gold or Platinum Package, the quality of the final product that will evoke the Surprise and Delight of your recipient, is paramount.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make each project a customized success as a cherished, memorialized, one of a kind Gift/Keepsake.