About Audication Creations

Audication Creations Inc. is a Florida-based startup that creates unique, Audio/Video gifts/keepsakes and is on a mission to create 1 billion magical moments around the world. We help people express themselves and share the love that they have for others through thoughtful, unique, individualized/customized Creations! For a long time, it was just a creative thought in the mind of its creator and founder. He created and sold approximately 5 or 6 prototypes, while still in Michigan in 2014, to see how people would react to the concept and idea. To his surprise & hopes, people loved it.

However, since also being a professional entertainer, he became extremely busy, and his idea/creation was put on hold but was still being further developed and expanded beyond his original concept and the advancement of technology and social communication/media. We have now finally launched Audication Creations Inc. out of the state of Florida. It’s taken so long because we’ve been pursuing and building “on a shoestring” as they say, without any financial help from any investors or partners but instead with Prayers, Hopes, Dreams, Persistence and Dedication to its idea and concept.

We’re challenging the way that people think about giving gifts, keepsakes, good wishes, good cheer, thoughtfulness, condolences and/or ANYTHING that may come to their mind for ANY REASON AT ALL and have it created in a manner that is unique, customized, and individualized to the recipient, like a fingerprint. Thus, our slogan: “When They’re Worth More Than a Greeting Card”.

Did you know that with all the modern communication devices, products, and avenues available, there are roughly millions of ways to express your feelings to someone special, even in the midst of an unconventional situation or even a pandemic.

Until now, however, there’s been no alternative to a mere greeting card to make someone feel consoled, cheered, reassured, or tickled pink to hear from you, but again, what about: “When They’re Worth More Than a Greeting Card”?