Why Audication Creations

Let’s face it, you may not be able to find a greeting card that just fits your unique situation. Sure, greeting card software can give you the tools and templates to prepare appropriate and caring messages for some of the more offbeat occasions in your loved ones’ lives. Certain events may be unusual, but if you feel they warrant acknowledgement from you, is there a well-crafted custom greeting card that could do the job or even be one of which hundreds of thousands of others don’t also have? So how special can it be?

Here are 10 unique reasons to send a greeting card


After one of the worst recessions in history, millions of people have been laid off, fired, downsized, call it what you will. No matter how well-prepared people think they are, this can feel like a punch in the stomach. If one of your friends is suddenly jobless, a special and unique to only them and their situation while also expressing your support, can lift their spirits tremendously.


Quite often after an individual dies, that person’s loved ones are surrounded by people offering condolences, food and all kinds of assistance. However, it is also commonplace for all that attention to fade away in fairly short order, while the bereaved person is still in pain. Depending on the individual involved, you might provide an extraordinary amount of comfort if you sent a lovingly customized, very special and uniquely customized to them only, a forever gift, letting the individual know that you haven’t forgotten the deceased and wish the survivor well.


While Birthdays are not in the top 20 of most celebrated occasions of all but I bet still at the very top of the list to most individuals. However, depending how old you are, you may have stopped and hoped others, stop recognizing them. Lol. The fact remains that most would still welcome that Birthday Gift and the more special the Better, and will provoke even more than the typical response from the Birthday Person. We can help you make them feel that to you, their Birthday is so much more than “just another birthday”. That they deserve a gift/keepsake as unique and special as they are to you.


If you know someone who loves to celebrate birthdays, why not have a little fun and surprise with those you know that hate when it’s their birthday time. Why not have some fun and surprise them with an all-in-fun, unique birthday/unbirthday creation they will be able to refer to over the future years that really made them know that it was customized just for them and them alone. Filled with whimsical and light-hearted sentiments that will always make them smile and feel that special feeling that comes over them because you went so much further than just a card.


You can never go wrong giving an unexpected version of a cheer up that went so much further that just another card to be later tossed out, lost, or destroyed to someone who did not get that job, win an award, or achieve something they wanted so much to achieve. There’s no need to dwell on why they should have gotten what they wanted. Instead, just express your confidence, support and any other feelings you want them to know you feel that you want to express to them. You might want to show and deliver a customized, one-of-a-kind acknowledgement, when a friend handles a delicate social or professional situation wisely and well, especially if it concerned you. Congratulate this person for exhibiting poise, graciousness, and courtesy. Maybe no one else noticed, but you did, and your friend will no doubt be grateful that someone acknowledges that.


Something truly geared to this individual, expressing this sentiment, does let someone know you are thinking of him or her and just him or her only. At that moment and time and for reasons related only to them. You never know when a family member or friend might feel lonely or discouraged, so something customized to exactly who they are and what the mean to you will be welcome indeed. If that individual is happy already, well, this just adds more happiness to an already pleasant life.


Okay, so your klutzy cousin tripped and accidentally splashed red wine on your expensive suit at a party. Why not send something special and unique to them and that episode in your lives, that tells him that you love him no matter what, and that the most important thing that happened at the party was that you got to enjoy his company? He’ll feel relieved and happy, and this could go a long way toward preserving and strengthening a good relationship between the two of you.


Giving congratulations for something big is sort of obvious but making a friend happy by noticing even a small achievement may make them feel like they just won a People’s Choice Award. Sending something so unique and though out that no-one else has, to someone who was setting out to lose 50 pounds and has so far lost five because it’s so very hard for them, but they are giving all they’ve got and not giving up or maybe someone getting a C in a class has managed to finally boost it to a B-minus after hard work, focus and diligence. Let them know how special they are to you and that you notice their efforts and achievements. Let them know you are in their corner and that every step forward means progress, and that’s a good thing.


Some people might consider this a silly exercise, but pet lovers everywhere know that dogs, cats, and other animals are like family, and when one dies, it really is like losing a relative or dear friend. Treat this with the same dignity as a condolence gift/keepsake for a human, and it will go a long way toward comforting your friend and having something they can reflect upon for years to come, because of your unique and memorable customized for them, gift.


This might be one of the best and most surprising reasons of all to send something so special and unique. Even if everything is going wonderfully well in someone’s life, it’s always great to hear from a loved one who says something positive and wishes you well. Why send a mere card for someone so special that you would even consider acknowledging them for no reason but JUST BECAUSE. They must be pretty special in your life so they definitely must be worth more than, Just a Greeting Card.

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