A woman named Jean approached me to create a Special and Unique Audio/Keepsake Gift for her to present to her husband for their 5th Wedding Anniversary. I asked her to give me specific information regarding how they met, what happened on their first date, information regarding her husband during their dating days and what sentiments she wanted to have expressed to her husband on this very special day and event in their lives.

After receiving all that information, I requested from her, it was obvious to me what the perfect song should be, and I wouldn’t even have to re-write the lyrics for this particular assignment. Just create the monologue, mix, and edit.


A co-worker of my wife heard about a Gift/keepsake I made for someone else who’s daughter was in the army and deployed overseas as well, just like her co-worker’s husband. She told me that her husband was deployed in exactly the same place, and that he had a birthday coming up soon. She wanted me to create a Special Audio Gift/Keepsake unique to her husband. She went on to give me everything she and her children, brother-In-law and his friends wanted to have expressed to him and how much they all wished he was home for his birthday celebration, as well as how much they Loved and missed him.

Her husband is a big Neil Diamond fan so what better song to rewrite the lyrics for, based on the information, than Neil Diamond’s Patriotic song, AMERICA.


This client came to me and told me that her husband George was a big music lover and enjoyed singing as he played his vast arsenal of music when he was in his music room. Well, one day he developed throat cancer and it eventually came to be that he had to have surgery on his throat. The surgery to remove the cancer was successful, however, there was only a 20 percent chance that his voice would return. Within a few months after the surgery, she began to notice how depressed he was getting day after day.

After hearing about what Audication Creations was doing, she commissioned me to create something that she could give to him to let him know all that her, the rest of the family and his friends, felt about him in their hearts and that would never change even if his voice never came back. Also, to let him know that his thinking should be different than what it had been for the last few months and that they all Love him and need him for who is as a human being, Voice, or no Voice.

She went on to fill out my questionnaire regarding various aspects about him and the things he enjoys in life, what he dislikes, what make laugh, what makes his cry, etc., etc., plus she was to add any sentiments she wanted expressed to him within the Audio Gift/Keepsake to him. She was also to let me know who his favorite singer was at the time.

It was Mariah Carey at that time, so we took all the information she provided us and created this Audio Gift/Keepsake for him via her love and concern for him.